“None of the Above” by I.W. Gregorio

tumblr_ost2fwjgZM1u9kr1ho1_1280Book: “None of the Above”

Author: I.W. Gregorio

Genre: YA/ Fiction

About: I wandered into the YA section at my favorite indie bookstore and was very excited to find an entire display dedicated to LGBTQIA books. Books about LGBTQIA people are so often aimed at adults and less often at teens and young adults, who also have a need to have this sort of literature.

Anyway, this book was raw and honest. It felt very real. As someone with Turner Syndrome who is LGBTQIA, I’ve found that books, tv shows, and other popular media often write things and about conditions that are incorrect. Most of the time, these factual errors could be corrected with a Google search. It was refreshing to see a book without that.

As a LGBTIA reader, I winced when a lot of the words that people called the protagonist were thrown out there by many characters. But I’m also glad that the protagonist became educated on the words and what they meant. Sometimes it felt almost too real to deal with.

However, I’m going to end my review with some trigger warnings, as I have a pretty strong stomach, but even still, some things made me squeamish (even though they were used within the context of the story).

Trigger Warnings: Transphobic & Interphobic Slurs, Transphobia & Interphobia In General, Attempted Rape, Mildly Graphic Sex Scene

Publisher: Balzer & Bray



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