Bare: A Pop Opera

175px-Bare_a_Pop_Opera_Off_Broadway_PosterShow: “Bare: A Pop Opera”

Off-Broadway Debut: 2004

Book & Music By: Jon Hartmere and Damon Intrabartolo

About: This show spotlights the senior class at St. Cecelia’s Catholic boarding school. The show focuses on roommates, Peter and Jason, who are trying to make sense of their feelings for one another. It also focuses on Ivy, Jason’s girlfriend and Nadia, Jason’s twin sister. As the class prepares to graduate, they prepare to put on a rendition of “Romeo and Juliet”, while dealing with issues such as college, drugs, alcohol, sexuality, the Church, and teen pregnancy. The music is vibrant and contemporary. Bare “touched my “soul” as Ivy says in the show.

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